Embed Your Collections, Password Protect Videos, and UI Improvements

As always, our dev team has been busy at work building what our users ask for. This month we’re proud to announce Embed Collections, Password Protect for individual videos, and some helpful UI improvements.

Embed Your Collections

Expanding from our wildly popular Embed Library feature, our Studio and Agency users can now embed individual collections on their own sites. You can use it to showcase particular series or to separate out your licensable content from your demo material. Our user SpaceChimp has a really cool example. If you would like to emulate it, his developer was kind enough to share it here.

To embed a collection on your site, first create a collection from your assets. From the collection’s manage page, select the “Public” privacy option. Then check the “Embed Collection” option. A box with the collection’s embed code will appear below that. Simply hit the button titled “Copy to Clipboard” and then insert the embed code into the HTML of a webpage you can edit. Just like our embed library feature, you can customize the styling to make the experience more seamless for your users.

Embed Collection Options

Password Protected Videos

Up until now you, had to add a video to a collection in order to share a password protected URL. Now you can set a password for a video right from the new Publish/Privacy tab.

Password Protect Video

After you’ve saved the password, just send the link provided and the password to whoever you want. They’ll be prompted to enter the password at the url and after that can see the video and even purchase it if it’s licensable!

We’ve streamlined the new Edit page to make publishing simpler The page now features a Publishing table that displays where the video is visible and statistics such as view count or kudos.

If you have ideas for something we should build, go ahead and send an email to [email protected] or head over to the app and start a live chat with us. We’re always looking for feedback.