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White-glove UGC footage research, clearance, & procurement 

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Footage Research +Rights Clearance

Nimia offers turn-key UGC footage research and rights-clearance services for every size film studio, ad agency, and brand. With in-house attorneys Nimia is able to expedite licensing agreement drafting, negotiating, and execution.  We work on radical productions including Marvel,  Warner Brothers, Dove and more. Ask us anything, talk to a researcher

Case Study

-Dove –
Father’s Day Viral Video Compilation


Dove utilized Nimia’s UK research team to track down viral videos of authentic, candid moments between fathers and their children on Youtube and Vimeo for a Father’s Day commercial

-Cisco Systems –
Never Better Ad Campaign


Cisco utilized Nimia’s US research team to track down and clear rights of technology and natural disaster footage from our marketplace and Youtube for a “Never Better” ad campaign.

Captain America Civil War Film


MARVEL utilized Nimia’s US research team to track down and clear rights for uniquely specific aerial footage from Youtube and Vimeo for “Captain America” civil war film

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