Footage Research + Rights Clearance 

Broadcast, film and Commercial Footage Research

White-glove UGC footage research, clearance, & procurement 

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Footage Research + Rights Clearance

For clients that need immediate full service assistance, our in-house Kurator team offers turn-key UGC footage research and rights-clearance services for every size film studio, ad agency, and brand. Kurator has on staff attorneys able to expedite licensing agreement drafting, negotiating, and execution. We work on radical productions including Marvel, Warner Brothers, Dove and more. Ask us anything, talk to a researcher

Case Study

– Freenjoy –
Justin Timberlake “Supplies” Music Video


Kurator tracked down and licensed over 100 clips from a wide variety of sources to complete a powerful opening scene Justin Timberlake’s music video featuring the hit song “Supplies.”

– Caribbean Travel –
Find Your Rhythm Campaign Video


Agency Destination Think and Production House Sherpas Cinema utilized Kurator’s UK research team to clear over 20 videos from content creators on Vimeo, saving valuable time.

Captain America Civil War Film


MARVEL utilized Kurator’s US research team to track down and clear rights for uniquely specific aerial footage from Youtube and Vimeo for “Captain America” civil war film

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