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Production Contracts

Looking to begin a new creative project for a client? Want to make sure you have the right legal language in place to protect you throughout the process? Download our standard production contract and get started.

License Back Clause

Learn how to use License Back clauses in your production agreement to retain or share copyright with your client. By retaining copyright in the production agreement you will have the right to license the content.


How do you handle a copyright infringement? In many cases there is an amicable settlement between the content owner and the infringer. Nimia Claims department will prosecute and settle on your behalf.

Protect Your Copyright

Nimia provides filmmakers access to independent attorneys that can represent their interests in the negotiation of production and entertainment agreements. You will gain peace of mind knowing your contract is managed by attorneys specialized in management of intellectual property: including licensing and contracts, copyrights, trademarks, patents and trade secrets. If you prefer to risk things on your own and simply need legal templates to get started, visit our sister company, Kurator’s, legal resource page.

Filmmaker Production and
License Agreements

Case Studies


Andy Casagrande

Andy Casagrande was asked by a large camera company to be the subject of a short biographical piece of him. Nimia’s legal team provided legal consultation and negotiation in order to provide Andy ownership over the footage that was captured. He now has the ability to freely license that same material for additional income.


Jacques De Vos

Jacques De Vos had previously filmed world record freediver Natalia Molchanova, who later tragically died on August of 2015. With the media scrambling to cover the story, five major media/news corporations used Jacques’s footage of Molchanova without first obtaining a license.


Upthink labs

Upthink Lab discovered his footage had been used by a large media/weather company online without first obtaining a license. Nimia’s legal team was first able to notify the company to have it removed temporarily while a formal license contract was put in place. Upthink Lab was then paid the appropriate license fee for the terms of use.

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