Odd Satisfaction

“Odd Satisfaction”. Superfluous collection of videos featuring smashing Holi paint still-lifes with various garden and kitchen tools in slow motion. Shot with the Phantom 990s

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International Websites

We are excited to announce that the Nimia Marketplace is now available in 8 new international markets. Now shop Nimia’s fantastic stock footage archive in

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Bozeman Forest Fire Phantom VEO 990s 4k 1000fps

Forest Fires In Slow Motion

On September 4th, 2020 a fire broke out on the Bridger mountain range in Bozeman, MT. After initial containment efforts failed, the fire jumped the fire line the morning of September 5th, and rapidly grew from 400-11,000 acres in 3 hrs. This is slow motion footage of the amazing air tanker pilots and smoke jumpers attempting to control the fire. As of September 6th the fire remains 0% contained.

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vincent laforet nimia

Nimia Website Image Credits

Nimia’s 2020 summer web design features still images from award winning filmmakers Vincent Laforet, Andrew Studer, Aaron Leiber, Pascal Marchand, Schuavisuals, and Cineops. Links to

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Cineops Slow Motion Stock Footage Nimia

Phantom Rental Discounts

Phantom VEO4K-PL 990S Discount Rentals for Nimia Users We’re excited to offer 50% discounted rentals on the amazing Phantom Veo 990s 4k High Speed Camera

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Rocket Launch Space X High Speed

Cosmic Perspectives

Night into Day: The Beauty of SpaceX Rockets in Ultra Slow Motion – Koyaanisqatsi inspired trailer With your help we’ll bring this film and outreach

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