Shotover G! give away

Shotover G1 Give-Away

This Is The Opportunity To Change Your Game Create Your Masterpiece Whether it be in the air, by land or sea, this is your opportunity

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Award Winning Ocean Footage

  Johnny Friday Emmy Award winning and Cine Golden Eagle Award recipient cameraman with a compulsion for organizing expeditions to remote locations around the world

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Winter Solstice Reel

Nimia Winter Solstice Reel Nimia winter solstice footage reel. License footage on Nimia. Cinematography: Humbi Entress, Iron Wilderness, Freeride Entertainment, Helio Collective, Brainfarm Digital Cinema, Frankowski Pictures, Satori Factory, Capsus Films, Toby

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Nimia Footage Licensing

Footage Licensing 201

Footage Licensing 201 Do you need a way to license your footage directly to a client? When you buy or sell your footage with Nimia, you

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