Custom Asset Manager Columns, Net30 Invoicing and an Improved Video Player

Customize the Asset Manager

In this tech update, we are happy to announce two long requested features in our asset manager: displaying original filename and customizing the display fields! Clicking the new Prefs button in the asset manager will give you a list of currently available columns to add or remove from the asset manager display. In the future, we will be adding more fields that you can sort by or add for a quick reference.

setting asset manager display preferences

Net30 Billing

Agencies can now set up a Net30 credit line with Nimia and checkout without using a credit card. You can apply for Net30 billing by sending an email to [email protected]. Once you’ve been given a credit line, you just select Net30 when choosing a payment option. You can also view your invoices and their status on our billing page.

nimia's net30 billing checkout and overview page


Multiselect with Shift + Click

No more painstaking process of selecting videos one at a time. Now you can use the classic shift+click combination to select multiple videos at once in your asset manager.

nimia multiselect with shift key in asset manager

Improved Video Playback

We have transitioned most of our pages to use an improved video player. Scrubbing to specific points in a video works a lot better now. It is also easier to watch on mobile devices.

scrubbing in nimia's new video player


As always, we want to hear your feedback and feature requests. Everything in this post was requested by one of our users and nothing makes us happier than giving users what they want.