Hiring Fullstack (Python/Javascript) Developer in Seattle

About Us

We are building a home for great footage. Independent filmmakers and agencies can license, share, and archive their 4k video. Watch our quick demo.

Company Culture

We are small. You will help decide what to build, what to improve on, and even how to market ourselves. We are in constant communication with our users. Sales, marketing, legal, and engineering meet up frequently to collaborate. We want team members who care about the product and each other.

We use SCRUM to keep everyone on the same page and to constantly reevaluate how we’re spending our time. HACK DAY is every other week on Friday, sometimes taking over the next sprint when something awesome comes up. Schedule is flexible, but we are always in touch. We deploy almost daily.

On evenings and weekends we often do (completely optional) creative side projects, such as helping with this film shoot: https://app.nimia.com/video/139992/base-aerial-footage-sneak-peek


You will be engineer #3.


You will get to spend your time in a myriad of places, depending on your interests and strengths:

  • API & Infrastructure
  • UI / UX
  • DevOps
  • Marketing / SEO

Who you are will help define the position and we want you to have a real interest in designing and engineering the product.


  • Experience with Django or other Python web frameworks
  • Experience with a client side javascript framework

Our Stack

We use Python, Django, NodeJS / IO.js, Backbone, SASS, Elasticsearch, Redis, Saltstack, AWS and some other bits and pieces. We aren’t afraid to try new technologies, libraries, or 3rd party services as long as they perform well and do something great for our users.

Some Cool Things We’ve Done

  • First to implement client side multi-part upload directly to S3 so users can reliably upload 10GB+ files in the browser.
  • Lightning fast toggleable HTML table columns via dynamic stylesheets.
  • Using Canvas to pull custom video thumbnails

Contact [email protected] and please include:

  • 3 references
  • Github profile and/or personal website
  • Resume
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