Commercial Drone Flight is Now Legal…


Commercial Drone flight is now legal…

Yesterday the FAA approved the limited use of drones for film and TV productions.  Yah!   Are you free to fly your drone for commercial filming without big brother over your shoulder?  Not really. If you’re not one of the six aerial film companies that were approved yesterday for flight operations, then you still can’t fly your drone for commercial purposes.  🙁     Nimia is working on an application that will grant all Nimia account holders permission from the FAA to fly drones for their commercial film purposes.  Stay tuned.

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Current safety guidelines include requirements that drones be operated by licensed pilots and that they can’t be flown out of sight of the operator. A fire safety officer and an emergency medical technician must also be present on set in the event of a mishap. The drones will also not be allowed to fly at night.    I wonder why there is a requirement to have a “fire safety officer”, has anyone had their drone catch on fire before? 🙂