Let’s get engaged!

If you’ve been keeping up on Nimia you may have noticed a few recent changes that’ll help us keep our users engaged and up to date on Nimia.

Featured Publications

We’ve had our features publications for some time now, but we’ve made some fundamental improvements that will help us regularly feature new videos and producers on Nimia. You’ll notice you can now paginate through the publications to view older ones too!

Notification Settings & Notification Emails

Not sure when people are interacting with your Hub or when your video’s approval status has updated? No problem! We’ve updated our notification system to include email summaries of recent activity on your Nimia account. Go to your Settings page and you’ll see the new “Notification Settings” tab where you can update your email frequency.

Here’s a list of current notifications that can send emails:

  • Upload Complete
  • Upload Error
  • Encoding Complete
  • Encoding Error
  • Approval Pending
  • Video Approved
  • Video Rejected
  • Meta Update Required
  • Video Purchased
  • Video Licensed
  • Hub Invite Received
  • Hub Invite Accepted
  • Hub Invite Rejected
  • Assed Added to Hub

Oh yeah, and access no longer denied!

That’s right, we’re no longer invite only. Send your friends and coworkers over to Nimia’s beautiful new landing page to get signed up today (or go sign up yourself if you haven’t yet)! Make sure they sign up while we’re still offering our special introductory Beta prices and they’ll get grandfathered in to that plan!

We’re still flying under the Beta flag and would love to hear your feedback on what we can do to make Nimia a better experience for our users. Reach out any time to [email protected].

Happy Today!