Standard Video Production Contract

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 4.19.20 PMUsing a standard video production contract should be a normal part of your work flow with a client.  The video production contract should be discussed and signed before any work is started on the project.  We’ve received many inquiries from production companies and/or independent cinematographers regarding a standard video production agreement and so Nimia Legal is providing this free template version.

A note from Nimia Legal – “Agreeing to the essential terms in a video production project is always good  practice. Doing it in written form through a video production contract is even better. A written contract will help you get paid on time and allow you to flex legal muscle if things go awry.”

Here is a  Standard Video Production Agreement that you are welcome to use that will help protect your interests.  You can outline payment terms on scheduled delivery items, and specify licensing rights so after the project is over you can monetize video assets in Nimia’s marketplace.