Standard Film License Agreement

This standard film/program license agreement can be used for feature length films, documentaries, TV programs, or other video entertainment programs and is different than the standard stock footage license agreement. This standard film/program license agreement improves outdated film license agreements used by many film and TV companies because this standard film/program license agreement includes new forms of distribution such as Netflix, HULU, Direct Download, Direct Streaming, Youtube, Vimeo, etc. I’ve reviewed film license agreements from Universal, Discovery Channel, RedBull Media House and others and I see problem areas in all of them. The standard film/program license agreement attempts to clearly delineate which rights will be given up by the filmmaker/producer. For example, the below standard film license agreement separates each type of distribution medium and then defines each to a distribution size and period of time of exclusive or non exclusive rights. This allows the filmmaker to better plan the release of their film or program according to the distribution medium and exclusivity terms. The below standard film license agreement uses a table and check boxes to help clarify the license terms granted to the licensee. By using a table and check boxes, both the filmmaker and the buyer can better negotiate which rights and license terms are being purchased.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 12.10.30 PM

Using the standard film license agreement should reduce confusion for both the filmmaker and the film/program buyer. If you have any questions regarding this standard film license agreement, email [email protected].


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