2016 Showreel

2016 Nimia Showreel


We’re excited to share our 2016 demo reel featuring over 40 filmmakers from around the world.

Cinematography: License footage from the reel here: bit.ly/1Ul0bAq

Brain Farm Digital CinemaNational Geographic CreativeMystery BoxEskimoJohnny FridayVincent LaforetBranded LiAndy Casagrande, ZH StudioHelio CollectiveLinden CollectiveBlue EdenLieber FilmsFast FokusActive StockGeo HanSchua VisualsNaive StudioDominique Felicity PhotographyKeiruxWundervisualsHumbi EntressPatrick EggertTrinette + ChrisTimestorm FilmsDistrict 7Poor BoyzAlleged FilmsFreeride EntertainmentTom PinsardJacques de VosPetter FoshaugReel Water ProductionsThe Handmade MovementDrakeSpacechimp

VO: Alan Watts, “The Nature of Consciousness”

Music by: Mathew Morgan

Sound samples:
Ned Bouhalassa: Sparkler, Vixuxx: Crow, Acclivity: Camel Talk, Jobro: Big Boom, Mattew: Wedding Bells, Dobroide: Path, Tomc1985: Ginger11, Harpoyume: A Rumble of the Ground, Rutgermuller: Wind Low Short, Proxima4: Desert Monolith, Antwash: Motorcycle Passing, Paresh: Wolves, Cosmicembers: Cinematic Bass Boom, Xserra: Ocean, Goup-1: Boom Kick, Everything Sounds: Cave-drips, Esseffe1: Mywaterfall

Edit: Spacechimp
Music & VO selection: Andrew Veith

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