Secure Triple Redundancy Storage For Your Video Archive

Archiving your work is important for a variety of reasons.   Physical hard drives are prone to failures and degrade over time.  Files archived in Nimia’s asset management platform are impervious to physical degradation like ones stored on physical hard drives. One dropped hard drive or failed circuit and the loss of those video files can be frustrating.

The security of video assets is important at Nimia. We use best in class security providers with powerful encryption tools and Amazon S3 provides incredible durability, including triple redundant storage, to ensure your files are safe and secure in the years to come. Read more about Nimia’s security here.

Another point to consider is your future re-use of your video assets. Ten years from now you should want the ability to search through past projects easily and find the files stored. With Nimia you can consolidate and store projects/assets for retrieval and download at a later date.  You don’t need to hold your breath with nervous anxiety as you plug in that hard drive from ten years ago, hoping it will connect, turn on, or even boot up. Nimia’s asset management platform solves this problem by giving your files a home in an asset manager, providing access to your files where-ever and when-ever you need them, for the years to come.


Finally, one last consideration is digital estate planning. As a filmmaker you may have considerable value in your video assets that you will want to pass on to your future generations. They can then use the assets to create revenue and continue your legacy.  To learn more about digital estate planning for filmmakers, click here.