Nimia Welcomes NY on Air and Johnny Friday

Nimia is excited to welcome to the community – NY on Air and Johnny Friday!

With over a decade of experience in the digital imaging realm and having worked with a variety of underwater film legends, Johnny Friday has acquired a wide set of skills that not only includes the art of digital film-making and fierce work ethic, but a demand to capture the most extraordinary of images using research, technology and experience to achieve his goals. As a self taught underwater cameraman and editor, Johnny has refined his skills to become an Emmy Award winning cameraman (National Geographic Great Migrations) and Cine Golden Eagle Award recipient (National Geographic Special “Icy Killers”) to name a few recent awards.

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New York on Air is a custom assignment and image licensing agency specializing in aerial visuals. They provide aerial photography, cinematography, commercial production support, as well as license their collection for advertising and communication purposes. Their team is comprised of professional image-makers, stock photography and motion content specialists, production helicopter pilots, helicopter owner-operators, and veteran aviation professionals.

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Director Snap Shots will be coming back next month!