Meta Data Galore: Import Spreadsheets of all Your Meta Data

The Nimia Dev Team is happy to announce you can now upload spreadsheets of your metadata for videos. Until recently, you could only apply uniform metadata to sets of selected videos using our Meta Edit feature or update them one at a time. Using our new Meta Upload feature, you can take data exported from local asset management programs like CatDV or Adobe Premiere and match them to videos you’ve already uploaded.

Meta Upload Screenshot


The file format and field instructions are right on the page. After formatting your data correctly, you will select the file. We’ll process a sample of the data so you can see if there are any formatting or other problems. If it looks good, you’ll click the “Save Meta Data” button and we’ll get started updating all the videos. The task is running in the background, so you can go about your business. In a few minutes, you should receive an email summarizing the data merge results.

Embed Library screenshot