Face lift, fall back, and fixes, oh my!

Face lift

If you’ve opened Nimia recently, you may have noticed a major face lift to the application. This is part of an ongoing process to create the best possible experience for our users.

Here’s a few of the major changes:

  • Flattened, cleaner design aesthetic.
  • Removed extra space around the application to give you back your valuable screen real estate.
  • Navigation moved to the left.
  • New top navigation with some shortcuts to important actions (Upload!).
  • And lots of other small tweaks!

So, if you haven’t logged in lately, go check it out! And stay tuned for a lot more user experience and design improvements in the coming weeks and months.

Fall back

That’s right, the HTML5 video player is back. If you don’t have (or don’t like) Flash, you can once again watch the amazing videos on Nimia. Yup, that means mobile devices and tablets will play video again!

Speaking of mobile, keep in mind Nimia isn’t fully responsive nor is there a support mobile version yet, so feel free to report display issues to our team and we’ll do what we can!


Ew, bugs.

  • The usage widget should now correctly update after uploading a video or changing your storage plan.
  • Users are now redirected when they delete a hub they own.
  • Users with more than 20 hubs will no longer only see the first 20.
  • The user agreement mysteriously disappeared from user registration. It’s back!
  • Videos smaller than 960×540 now correctly get this licenses.

Bonus Round

Direct Sales: Add your videos to a Hub and invite users to get 90% royalty rates on media purchased through your Hub.

Uploading: The upload bar now shows you a completion percentage!

On the horizon

  • New featured publications! Look forward to regularly featured content on our Featured Publications page.
  • Hub overhaul. The Hub is an amazing feature and we want to make it as easy to use as possible. Stay tuned for some big changes to the Hub.
  • And more fun, awesome, useful, secret changes.