Nimia welcomes director “Directorius” to the team.

We are excited to welcome “Directorius” (Brian Johnson) to the Nimia platform. Brian recently completed a new music video for Imogen Heap‘s “Neglected Spaces”. The video was was featured in Mateo Messina’s 16th annual Seattle Children’s Hospital benefit symphony concert “Lens” this past month. Composer Messina featured guest performances by Imogen Heap and Pomplamoose. Donations for the Seattle Children’s Hospital can be made using the instructions below.

100% of donations go to support Seattle Children’s Hospital Uncompensated Care Fund
1.) TEXT “Care” to 28594
2.) See Instructions on how to donate using your phone
3.) RECEIVE an email receipt with tax deduction information

Watch Brian’s video used in Mateo Messina’s 16th annual Children’s Hospital benefit concert.

Imogen Heap “Neglected Space”, Digital Rights Management by Nimia