Photo of Vincent Laforet – 2006

Nimia announces the addition of award winning filmmaker and photographer, Vincent Laforet, to their advisory board. Vincent rounds out the team already comprised of former executives from Adobe, Corbis, and Microsoft.

“Every creative is looking for a home for their content, and a means to distribute it without giving up control. Nimia allows me do this without compromise.” – Vincent Laforet

Laforet is internationally recognized for his work as a visual artist and mentor. He has been awarded the Platinum, Silver, and Bronze Cannes Lions for his directing work as well as the Pulitzer Prize in 2002 for his photographic coverage of post 9/11 events overseas.

See Vincent’s wildly popular new series “Air”.

About Nimia

Nimia’s Video Asset Manager for filmmakers and agencies attracts top-tier production companies, many having never considered licensing before. This creates a boutique footage marketplace that houses exclusive video from around the world.