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Video Fort Stock Footage: Featuring Alan Purwin

Video Fort Stock Footage library is available for licensing on Nimia.
Video Fort’s stock footage is produced and created by world-renowned cinematographers. Its content has been used in Hollywood Movies, Award Winning TV Shows, and Broadcast TV Commercials. In addition to manufacturing stock footage, VideoFort supplies film and video makers with free educational tutorials. Since launching on May 21, 2013 VideoFort has educated more than one million people in over one hundred countries around the world.

VideoFort was founded by American Entrepreneurs Steve Gatena and Alan Purwin with a mission to provide film and video makers with Quality Content and Creative Freedom.

“An absolutely stunning aerial stock footage archive from Alan Purwin and Video Fort” –Nimia Staff Selects

Watch “The Artistry of Alan Purwin” by Machael Bay

The extraordinary aerial footage library by Video Fort was shot by pilot, innovator and entrepreneur, Alan Purwin. License Alan Purwin’s truly amazing aerial stock footage on Nimia.

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