Metadata Instruction Manual

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Title: Concise description of the video. A person should be able to roughly envision the clip without seeing it.

Description: Description of the video. Should describe tangible content (skater, street, leafs, Seattle), feeling/mood (solitary, action, cool).

Credits: Credit the parties involved in creating the clip.

Keywords: Multi-word or single word terms are acceptable. Separate keywords with a comma when entering multiple items. Like descriptions, keywords should describe tangible content, feeling/mood.

Categories: Selecting categories allow your clip to appear while browsing specific categories of footage.

Location: Be as specific to the clips location as possible. GPS coordinates are ideal, otherwise precise city information.

Date & Time: Date and time of filming.


Medium: The medium used in creating the clip (video, CGI, film, time lapse).

Camera: Camera type, be specific to make and model (Red Epic Mysterium X, Phantom Miro LC320S, Canon 5d Mark II).

Sensor/Film: Film type/sensor size (35mm, 16mm, digital 3/3 cmos/ccd).

Lens (mm): Focal length of lens. Magnification (x): Magnification used.

Focus: Where is the shot focused in the frame/shot (fore, mid, infinite).

Motion Control: Motion of the camera (pan/tilt, dolly, aerial).

Composition Type: Type of shot (wide, medium, close up).

Frame Angle: Camera angle in relation to subject (frontal, profile, birds eye).

Light Source: Lighting for the shot (sun, LED, halogen).

Light Falloff: Light distribution in the clip (spot, area, ambient).

Color Temp: Degrees in Kelvin of the light source for the shot (6000-7500K, 2000-3000K, 3380K).

Recorded FPS: Number of frames per second captured by the camera. Mastered FPS: Number of frames per second in the clip after mastering.