I have in my retirement around 50K saved up and im thinking on

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Designer Fake Bags I am in default with the IRS (I think that the term) where i used to have a payment plan but then switched banks and failed to update this with the IRS, this happened back in 2015 I think. Fast forward to today and i received a letter stating that I was added to the Withholding Compliance Program so now they will be deducting from my check what they usually deduct everyone here in CA for federal taxes. I have in my retirement around 50K saved up and im thinking on getting a loan to pay off the debt but my question is since the IRS knows that i have that amount in my retirement would I have a good chance at qualifying for the OIC settlement program? I want to know if i should also get a tax attorney thank you again redditAn Offer In Compromise has a $186 user fee when a Taxpayer applies, and it is filed under one of three criteria:. Designer Fake Bags

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