Sending In Hard Drives

  1. We send you a hard-drive!
  2. You upload your content to the hard-drive
  3. Preferred Codecs are Pro-Res 422 & Photo-Jpeg
  4. There is no required organization to the files on the drive
  5. Tell us the preferred license category for your content
  6. Include Metadata sheets (Download template)
    • Using the template provided, please include metadata for each video in the following fields:
    • Filename: Must be unique and the same as the filename on the disk, including extension (.mov)
    • Title: Concise description of the video. A person should be able to roughly envision the clip without seeing it.
    • Description: Description of the video. Should describe tangible content (skater, street, leafs, Seattle), feeling/mood (solitary, action, cool).
    • Keywords: Comma separated keywords, minimum of 3. Keywords should describe tangible content, feeling/mood.
    • Excel & CSV are acceptable formats

Send drives back to:
506 2nd Ave.
Suite 1400
Seattle, WA 98104
Attn: Joel Wiebe