Hard Drive Program


Email [email protected] with your mailing address along with the amount of storage you want to send (1 TB, 2 TB, 4 TB or more). Depending on availability, a hard-drive will usually be sent out within 2-3 days.


Copy your content! Don’t worry about organization of files.


We will upload your content to your Nimia profile. This process is dependent on the amount of prep work and the amount of hard-drives that we have at that given time, but usually is completed within a week.

Preferred Codecs


If you have meta-data to include with your files, please adhere to our template file (download by clicking the icon on the left) and these guidelines to ensure quick turnaround time.


Once you have finished uploading your videos to the hard-drive, please return to the address below. Please try and return the drive within 2 weeks of originally receiving it.

506 2nd Ave. Suite 1400
Seattle, WA 98104
Attn: Joel Wiebe

If necessary, we will clip your files, and if they are not in a supported codec, we will re-encode them keeping their original aspect ratio, resolution, etc. Please note our team is limited, and if you are sending unfinished files please try and keep it under 100 files.