Free Cinematic Stock Footage: Slow Motion

So you want free cinematic stock footage, eh? You frugal little rascal. We’re not in that business, but here are a few free clips you can download to wet your palette. The footage was shot on the Phantom LC320s at 1000 frame per second in downtown Seattle. If you don’t already have an account, you’ll need to create one to download the footage. 

Watch our 2016 stock footage demo reel

Credits: ©Brain Farm Digital Cinema, National Geographic Creative, Mystery Box, Eskimo, Johnny Friday, Vincent Laforet, Brandon Li, Andy Casagrande, ZH Studio, Helio Collective, Linden Collective, Blue Eden, Lieber Films, Fast Fokus, Active Stock, Geo Han, Schua Visuals, Naive Studio, Dominique Felicity Photography, Keirux, Wundervisuals, Humbi Entress, Patrick Eggert, Trinette + Chris, Timestorm films, District 7, Poor Boyz, Alleged Films, Freeride Entertainment, Tom Pinsard, Jacques de Vos, Petter Foshaug, Reel Water Productions, The Handmade Movement, Drake, Spacechimp

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