Case Study: Brain Farm Digital Cinema

The Client

Brain Farm is a turn-key production house specializing in production of high end digital cinema for film, TV, digital and commercial outlets.

They have assembled an arsenal of specialty cameras, unique cinema vehicles, camera support systems as well as state of the art production facilities allowing them to create powerful digital cinema from concept to finished product.

Founded on the passion to test the limits of high definition motion picture production and to awe people with amazing images, they are often looked to as being on the forefront of digital cinema.

The Need

Brain Farm sought additional revenue through footage licensing as well as cutting edge technology that would keep up with their highly advanced video workflow. Consistently shooting in 4k and above, Brain Farm required an application that could handle the large file size. Their desires for licensing were two part, wanting to quickly and intuitively be able to set up footage licensing sales with existing clients and have a partner to market their licensable footage for them.

The Solutions

As an early adopter of the Nimia platform, Brain Farm provided valuable insight as we shaped the application’s beta. Nimia’s file uploader uses a first of its kind process to ingest content and is able to handle virtually limitless file sizes. Once those files are uploaded Brain Farm is able to transfer, search, download, and share those files anywhere in the world.

Brain Farm placed their boutique quality video in Nimia’s marketplace where it has seen over 140,000 views and significant interest for licensing. Our marketing team works with producers to advertise their footage archives in order to maximize sales.

Nimia’s direct sales feature allows Brain Farm to setup custom licenses with existing clients or those captured outside the Nimia marketplace and earn 90% royalty. They can easily track their earnings (which are paid out automatically every day) and view current licenses.

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