Agency Kit

Nimia's marketplace houses exclusive footage from award winning producers.
License Types
Rights Managed & Royalty Free
Royalty Free files are priced between $100 - $750 while Rights Managed files are priced between $300 - $2000.
Content Requests
Content Requests
Make a request and we will call on our network of +3500 filmmakers to fulfill it. Our footage curators will work with you to find the exact shot you are seeking.
Net 30
Net 30 Billing
We bill you later so your team can get the videos they need now!
Quickly share videos
Collections are a tool for you to use while researching clips for your edit. Add clips you are considering to the collection and share it with colleagues. Show us the collections and we will add similar clips.
Receive 25 GB of private cloud storage for free. Archive and manage video assets from anywhere in the world.

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