Water Sculpture “Infinity Flow”

Here is another strange but interesting piece from Nimia’s very own SpaceChimp. SpaceChimp said he dug these renders out of the his archives and compiled them into a montage to share with a few friends (we’re one of them).

“I made these to educate myself more about CGI software and process” -SpaceChimp.

Read the excerpt below about the process.

Water Sculpture: Infinity Flow from SpaceChimp on Vimeo.

“This is a montage of renders that fell to the cutting room floor when I was testing light and DOF in Maya. I used Frischluft for DOF, Final Gather for lighting, Realflow for particles, Maya for rendering, and AFX for compositing.

I created geometric constraints for the particles in Maya and then imported geometry into Realflow. I then filled geometry with 750k particles and applied simple vortex and gravity physics. I exported depth maps via Maya and rendered DOF in AFX with Frischluft plugin (which kicks ass).

The applied film grain plays terribly in Vimeo with major artifacting… this is disappointing. Please site mail me if you have any secret info on how to better optimize compression  for streaming playback.” – SpaceChimp

“New Animals from the Air” by Eluvium

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Audio: eluvium.net/

Individual video assets available for license at: Nimia.com