Exclusive to Nimia: 2028 Photographs in 24 Hours

This is an interesting sequence Space Chimp shared with us. Space Chimp shot over 2000, 5k photographs in a 24hr period capturing every minute of light throughout the day. All media is archived and available exclusively on Nimia in 4k resolution for commercial use. Make sure to watch in HD and full screen!*Poor 720P h.264 web compression:()

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“This is an old image sequence I shot a few years ago with a Canon 5D Mark II. I spent 24hrs in the Bonneville Salt Flats and shot every minute of light (with a few exceptions). I shot 5k Raw and mastered the photos in quad 4k. I cropped the video to 2.35:1 for this edit. *Poor h.264 compression

The time and image number are located on the bottom left of the frame.”


Camera: Canon 5d
Lenses: Canon14mm 1.2, 24mm t/s 3.7, 85mm 1.2
Motion control: Kessler Cineslider, Revolution Head, 2x Oracle

Band: Odensza
Album: Summer’s Gone
Songs: “Intro” & “Today”

(Commercial use of this music and video is prohibited without consent of the authors)