Model Release App for Mobile


As filmmakers, part of your business is capturing the performances of your subjects. Here’s a couple model release apps that make it easier to protect the rights of your models, and ensure smooth sailing for yourself, legally speaking.

The 10 dollar Easy Release is compatible with both the iPhone and Android. It supports both property and model releases and allows the user to modify the release text. Increased usability from multi-language release text as well as the user interface itself. Easy Release allows signatures from not only the model but also the photographer as well as a witness. The user can save the release as either a PDF or a JPEG, integrate the app with their address book, add the model’s photo via device camera or photo library, and sync to the user’s cloud. The only drawback is a lack of desktop application sync, but for 10 bucks and 4.5 star rating, it’s hard to argue with the value.

Check it out here:

ASMP Releases is free, always a plus, though it lacks some functions compared to the paid app above. As far as a utilitarian iPhone app for model and property releases, it gives you what you need: Adding model photos via device camera or library, adding signatures and PDF output format. This app is good for the bare minimum of what you would need. However, as far as what the user reviews for ASMP Releases reflect we recommend the paid app.

ASMP Releases: